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FIELD DAY: Hosted by producers Lee Thelen and Mike Hoefman, the day will cover no-till and strip-till farming, water quality, drainage, and more.

St. Johns field day to focus on soil

Learn more about your soil’s health from an economic and environmental standpoint at Aug. 2 event.

Michigan Innovations in Agriculture is hosting a field day “Soil: Your Silent Business Partner,” on Aug. 2 in St. Johns to emphasize the importance of soil health from both an economic and environmental aspect.

The day will kick off with a demonstration on how adopting a no-till or strip-till system can promote better growth.

Other highlights of the day include an introduction to drainage water management, a presentation on the importance of the biological component of soils and how to promote them, and a panel of water quality experts to talk about the state of three well-known bodies of water and how they help shape agriculture in the surrounding regions.

The event is hosted by local producers Lee Thelen and Mike Hoefman. Check-in begins at 8:15 a.m., with the event concluding at 4 p.m. Lunch will be provided. There will be a general session in the morning, and both livestock and cropping tracts in the afternoon. Register online

Payment can also be made at the event with cash or check (checks can be made out to Michigan State University).

Contact Seth Gibson with the Clinton Conservation District for any questions at 989-534-3106 or [email protected].

For questions about online registration, contact Erica Rogers with Michigan State University Extension at 989-875-5233 or [email protected].

Source: Clinton Conservation District

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