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CORN YIELDS: Michigan corn yield is up 10 bushels from last year to 167 bushels per acre.

Michigan corn yields are up from last year

U.S. on course to have the highest corn yield on record.

USDA recently released the November Crop Report, which is based upon conditions as of November Some highlights of the report are as follows:

 Michigan corn yield is up 10 bushels from last year to 167 bushels per acre. Total production is expected to be 325.7 million bushels. By the end of the October, it was about 44% complete.

 Michigan soybean yield is forecast at 45 bushels per acre. The yield is down 5.5 bushels from 2016, and production is 102.6 million bushels. Soybean harvest continued to progress at a nice pace but progress was limited due to wet field conditions. Soybeans were 78% harvested  by  Oct. 29, ahead of last year and the five-year average.

 Sugarbeet growers anticipate a yield of 27.3 tons per acre, down 3.5 tons from last year. Production is forecast at 3.9 million tons. Sugarbeet harvest in Michigan was 47% complete as of the week ending Oct. 29, along with last year and six points behind the five-year average. Sugarbeet harvest progress was slowed due to the high temperatures throughout the month. Permanent pilling was underway by the end of October.

 U.S. corn production is forecast at 14.6 billion bushels, down 4% from last year but up 2% from the October forecast.  Based on conditions as of Nov. 1, yields are expected to average 175.4 bushels per acre, up 3.6 bushels from the October forecast and up 0.8 bushel from 2016. If realized, this will be the highest yield on record for the United States. Area harvested for grain is forecast at 83.1 million acres, unchanged from the previous estimate but down 4% from 2016.                

 Nationally, soybean production is forecast at a record 4.43 billion bushels, down less than 1% from October but up 3% from last year. Based on Nov. 1 conditions, yields are expected to average 49.5 bushels per acre, unchanged from last month but down 2.5 bushels from last year. Area for harvest in the United States is forecast at a record high 89.5 million acres, unchanged from last month.


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